About Us

Terri A. VanDale, CNM

Certified Nutritional Microscopist

To share a little about myself, I am trained and certified in "Clinical Microscopy and Blood Cell Analysis in Biological Medicine" from Biomedx in 2002 and have been dedicated to this work ever since. I have studied natural health for over 25 years, training with pioneers in the field of raw and living foods and experts in the field of cellular nutrition including courses from The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals.  

My goal is to make every session an informative, educational experience that will motivate each person to make positive changes in their diet, lifestyle and nutritional program.


Live Blood Cell Microscopy: Phase Contrast, Dark Field Microscopy and High Level Oil Immersion

Dry Layered Blood Microscopy

Digital Saliva pH Testing

Personalized Wellness Programs


Live Blood Cell and Dry Layered Blood Microscopy

One Hour Session $65

This educational session includes live blood cell microscopy using “Phase Contrast” and “Dark Field” Microscopy. It is followed up by a detailed report. A dry layered microscopy is done using 2 dry layered blood samples and also comes with an educational report.

Live Blood Cell Microscopy, High Level Oil Immersion, Dry Layered Blood Microscopy and Digital Saliva pH Test

90 Minute Session $100

This session uncovers the most detail in live blood and offers a more in-depth learning experience. It includes an additional live blood sample viewed with an oil immersion technique at much higher magnification and a digital saliva pH test.


I travel to many locations and events and offer sessions at Health Horizons in Brighton, MI.

To schedule an individual session or for information about upcoming events, contact tvandale@comcast.net.

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